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Coin Valuations

In addition to providing the Blue Sheet - Australia's most widely used reference on Australian coins, Walter Eigner Pty Ltd provides additional, more personalised valuation services.

PCGS and NGC Certified Coins

The most accurate and reliable method of valuing your coin is to seek a third party grading certification through PCGS or NGC then use the Blue Sheet Certificate Lookup page to get the latest Blue Sheet valuation for your coin. The Certificate Lookup page is a free service but third party certification costs from USD 16/coin upwards and takes approximately 2 months.

Expert Appraisal

The quickest reliable valuation method is our Expert Appraisal service. By providing us with clear photos or scans, we can provide you with the grading and valuation for your coins and even offer advice on the best method for selling them. To learn more about this service, please visit our Expert Appraisal page.

Basic Identification

If you're confident your coin is only in average condition, our free Coin Identification page can provide you with a reasonable estimation of value at no cost. Simply navigate to Value My Coin, enter the date of your coin and match up the photos with your coin. This will provide you with valuations in average circulated condition and even link you to the Blue Sheet encyclopaedia page on your coin.

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